SAS and OSIsoft Integrated Platform Excels Power Grid Reliability Issues

By CIOReview | Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ORLANDO, FL: Salt River Project (SRP) recognized as Arizona’s utilities and a low-cost, reliable water and power supplier has incorporated SAS Analytics and OSIsoft to monitor future assets performances and its impact on grid reliability. SAS is a global provider of analytics, big data, and data management, marketing and risk management solutions. On the other hand, OSIsoft is an application software manufacturer for real-time data infrastructure solution, called the PI system.

Electric power grid helps power supply to electric vehicles where the primary concern is reliability and to address that reliability issue, there are sensor implemented that provides real-time data location, performance, weather and other factors which affects the power generation and distribution assets. The integrated platform of SAS and OSIsoft helps SRP solve the reliability factor by providing IOT data that helps meeting the customer demands, monitor system performances and also reduces downtime i.e. required for maintenance on connected tools.“Reliability is critical for our customers and our business, SAS powers our ability to forecast, plan and update in real time, helping Salt River Project keep the lights on for our customers, and the grid reliable whether the temperature is 75 or 105 degrees in Phoenix,” says Steve Petruso, Senior Software Developer, SRP.

Arizona is known for its desert, most of 100days in a year whose temperature reaches 100degree Fahrenheit and more. SRP focuses on necessity of the power grid during those blistering days, by operating SAS and OSIsoft integrated platform to provide pleasant weather to the users. SAS allows SRP to forecast its future availability of power supply and also notifies the data captured in the PI system. The analytics company helps them to buy power accurately and sell excess energy accordingly. SAS’s collaboration with OSIsoft delivers sensor-based data  along with other contextual data sources that fastens the procedure and provides advanced decisions about equipment maintenance.