Scalability RING takes on the Mantle to Handle Dailymotion's Video Content

By CIOReview | Thursday, June 26, 2014

San Francisco, CA: Scality, an enterprise-class, petabyte-scale storage solutions provider, has announced that Dailymotion, a major video-sharing website, has selected Scality RING for its video content management and streaming. While having to manage 40Mn videos and around 600,000 simultaneous Video on Demand (VoD) sessions, Scality would be required to provide content archiving and feeding for VoD customers of Dailymotion.

The video-sharing website has over 2.5Bn monthly video views and 120Mn unique visitors. With such a massive demand, Scality RING will work in parallel with the company’s existing content management and streaming solution.

Scality RING is a software-only storage solution based on patented object storage technology with full scale-out file system support, built using a distributed architecture with inherent tiering for maximum flexibility in storage configuration. The design yields low latency and high performance.

Scalability RING works seamlessly on any commodity server hardware where generic x86 servers are turned to reliable, high performance storage platform. The company’s software provides centralized management, data protection, self-healing, greater availability and automated tiering. Erasure coding technology provides erasure coding for data protection and resilience, giving a safety net against simultaneous breakdown at the disk, server and network levels.

Other features of Scalability RING are: parallel end-to-end architecture; self-balancing; auto scaling; full API support, including HTTP REST, RS2, Cinder OpenStack and Hadoop CDMI.

Major Benefits of this storage solution are: greater reliability and availability of content with enhanced protection; high throughput, low latency; forward compatibility with upcoming technologies and standards; ease of integration and swift deployments into existing environments; cost benefits. Scalability RING storage solution is today being implemented in email service providers, media and entertainment, HPC, government and enterprise.

 “We are very pleased to be working with Dailymotion, one of our largest hyperscale customers,” said Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality. “Their enormous content stores, impressive global viewer base and stringent requirements underscore the value of our scale-out architecture to the hyperscale community.”