Screen USA's DynaFlex Streamlines Flexo Printing

By CIOReview | Friday, March 14, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Screen USA, a provider of digital imaging solutions for printing, publishing and packaging has announced the latest technology called DynaFlex for progressive flexo operations. DynaFlex comprises of professional tool sets that benefit prepress production and output quality. DynaFlex caters to the needs of the companies dealing with label, flexible packaging, folding carton and converting.

DynaFlex improves flexo printing by providing enhanced accuracy and effectiveness in creating color separations. It helps flexo printers to achieve wider tonal range, greater image detail and print density that result in smoother transitions and more colors in the print.

DynaFlex manages distortion, dot gain curves and other typical flexo needs. The prepress operator interprets customer files, traps them as they arrive, apply distortion and implement the desired screening method.

The prominent features of DynaFlex are: Capability to set custom angles, use predefined flexo angles and manipulate screening angles. Provides advanced flexo hybrid screenings for better visual effects. Special dot shape such as pincushion is available. The ink spread compensation feature protects small vector objects in an area of high dot gain. Better Ink transfer mechanism through plate cell patterning that allows more ink to solids, dots, text or lines. Automatic removal of dots below a specified pixel size through scum dot removal tool. Exporting files directly to the press for printing through prepress operators.

“The hot folder-based DynaFlex workflow is packed with substantial controls,” said Eduardo “Wadie” Navarro, Screen’s manager of marketing and CTP/flexo products. “DynaFlex is an important addition for companies that produce flexographic printing that want to solve workflow and output issues.”