SecureRF's LIME Tag NX01 Enables Authentication for IoT Products
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SecureRF's LIME Tag NX01 Enables Authentication for IoT Products

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SHELTON, CT: SecureRF, a security solution provider for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces the availability of its LIME Tag NX01, a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tag with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology to provide credentials and authentication solutions for pharmaceutical, spirits, electronics and fashion products.

The LIME Tag NX01, a wireless radio communication standard tool, features ‘signed data’ to integrate and secure user/product data that contains more than 100KB information. With dual interface option the tag can enable both contact and contactless deployment. During contact power mode, both interfaces, ISO7816 and ISO14443 interfaces are supported  While, the tag uses NX01 in contactless mode that can work with most NFC-enabled smartphones or readers  and supports company’s  veridify smartphone app The app facilitates various choices of authentication such as visual verification, location and messaging features.

The ‘passive’ NX01 comes with an inlay, card, or chip for integration into existing products, labels or tags that does not need any battery or external power source to activate.

The LIME Tag secures its data with PKI technology where there is no need for database or Internet connectivity to authenticate. PKI utilizes Algebraic Eraser and industry-standard security protocol, preventing the need for managing keys or passwords for each tag. Algebraic Eraser is a public key (asymmetric) linear-in-time crypto engine that runs directly on the tag without additional co-processors or connections. The PKI security feature is mainly used for commercial applications in various sectors such as credentials, product and brand protection, and other high value transactions.