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See How Beauty Tech Flags its Presence

By CIOReview | Friday, June 28, 2019

Technology has enabled beauty brands to engage with consumers, study their expectations, discover new products, and expand their product portfolio to meet the growing and changing expectations.

FREMONT, CA: From the last few decades, the world is witnessing the growth of several game-changing technologies. Beauty brands are also using technologies to keep their customers engaged in a highly competitive market. In the last few years, technology has been revolutionizing the $445 billion worth beauty industry at a faster pace compared to the previous decades says reports. Looking at it will reveal technology trends that are transforming and redefining the future of the industry.

• Skin Scanning

Technology trends have made skin diagnostics easy with portable scanners that analyze facial skin in seconds, without visiting a dermatologist. The device replicates the setting of a scientific laboratory that can scan pores, measure hydration level, and appearance of fine lines. Users can get personalized skincare recommendations, and scan results are stored in the app to track further progress.

• Try On Apps

Online beauty brands are increasingly using reality technologies to enhance the shopping experience. Improvements in image recognition and face tracking technology are making these digital overlays possible and more accurate. The application works by measuring where the lips and eyes are in real time and tracking facial features to know where to put cosmetics. It can also guide a user through make up tutorials digitally.

• AI and Personalization

AI has been a game changer for the beauty industry as it enabled brands to provide personalization feature. Putting thousands of shades on shop shelves would be impractical. AI aggregated data of million customers and process it and compare thousands of skincare products and finally match cosmetics to each individuals' needs and offer personalized recommendations. AI also supports wearable technology by keeping track of the score and skin progress to provide real-time analysis to users.

Technology is breaking the walls of challenges by involving the beauty enthusiasts in conceptualizing and product designing processes by giving top priority to personalization. It is demanding brands to be innovative, inclusive, and diverse. The pace of technology growth in the beauty industry states a more disruptive innovation in action.