Sharktech's Advanced DDoS Protection Aims to Suppress Attacks

By CIOReview | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

LAS VEGAS, NV: DDoS attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable through an overwhelming traffic from multiple sources. These attacks target a wide variety of important online resources such as banks, news sites and are a major challenge in publishing and accessing important information and to stop DDoS attacks Sharktech Internet Services Sharktech Internet Services, a provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection launches advanced DDoS protection.

The company claims that its DDoS protection employs layers of in-house engineered network equipment, hardware and software to provide a complete solution against DDoS attacks.

Analysts have noticed that DDoS attacks are evolving at a rapid pace with a new breed of attack known as Reflected DDoS. These have incremented both the scale of attacks and the resulting damages.

The company has unified three data centers in Chicago, Denver and Los Angeles to provide DDoS protection of up to 100 GigE and 140 Mpps. It will be able to balance the load of incoming DDoS attacks into the three data centers simultaneously and relay clean traffic back to its customers’ servers. The additional benefit of Advanced DDoS Protection is that it introduces cloud features and increases performance, reports Joshua Day for the company’s blog.

“Recently an IRC network that Sharktech hosts and protects was under attack—a huge attack—similar to the attack Lizard Squad targeted Sony with, when most providers would simply null-route or shut down the victim’s services, Sharktech sprang into action by combining the protection of three Sharktech data centers into one, powerful, cloud-based DDoS protection,” says Tim Timrawi, President, Sharktech.