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Smart Meter, Smart Grid, Smart Networks And Smart Innovations

By CIOReview | Friday, June 21, 2019

Smart meters are gaining popularity in the past year, but how can the awareness be spread? Who is supporting the manufacture of smart meter? And what are its advantages?

FREMONT, CA: Smart meters have emerged in the electricity supply arena as a boon for users as well as suppliers. They enable users to leverage the maximum benefits from advancements like solar PV, battery storage, and smart home technologies. The global smart meters value in the market is nearly $10 billion since recently, but it is estimated to increase by 8 percent in the coming year. This surge in demand for smart meters is due to its energy saving, transparent billing approach, with performance, producing profitable gains to the manufacturers.

Reasonable Costs, Energy Efficiency with AMI Smart Meters

The demand for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) technology is gradually rising, and the steep ahead is visible since it provides exceptional visibility and affordability. AMI retrofits utility enterprises with real-time data of power consumption and enables the end users to take well-informed decisions related to energy usage with the support of numerable factors, thus creating an all-are-winners situation for the participants. The benefits that accompany the AMI technology meters include reliability, low energy costs, and heightened transparency.

How Will the Evolution of Demand for Smart Meters Occur?

Smart meters are often sold with the effective support of government and subsidies that are further accelerated with the increasing necessity to enhance non-technical losses and billing accuracy. Over the next few years, the sales in the smart meters are said to increase as reliable energy supply and management is breaking the lists and priority charts across countries. North America will be the largest market for smart meters, with advantages that have been upheld by the proactive disposition of the smart grid.

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Connectivity for Smart Meters—Conveying Security and Flexibility

The utility manufacturers seek a suitable medium for secure, flexible, and reliable connectivity with the smart meter networks; cellular technologies seem to be the ideal fit. As they provide seamless network connections and also assists the companies to harness meter readings remotely. The cellular network improves the overall efficiency and avoids the disposition of hardware and software. With the prologue of LTE-M and NB-IoT technologies, a far-ranging impact on the ever-changing uptake of cellular networks for smart meters.  

Smart meters will be regularly sought-after by the manufacturers for enriching the customer-brand relationships and by end-users who are environmentally aware of monitoring their energy consumption patterns.

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