SmartBear's QAComplete Delivers Reinforced UX and Security for Agile Testing

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016
Doug McNary, CEO, SmartBear

Doug McNary, CEO, SmartBear

SOMERVILLE, MA: Since it was instated, SmartBear software has been highly successful in delivering software quality tools to the connected world. Continuing with its outstanding services, the company has now unveiled upgrades to its QAComplete test management platform.

The new QAComplete 11.0 supports agile test management whilst enhancing User Experience (UX). It delivers revamped reporting and dashboard to its clients. While the new reporting engine provides customizable reports and traceability across tests, defects and requirements. The customizable dashboards, with inbuilt custom filters, have the ability to present data based on specific use cases and within the context of the parts of the project.

“We currently use QAComplete throughout the software development cycle for creating, maintaining and executing manual test cases as well as managing traceability,” says Karen Milburn, Quality Assurance Engineer, Mercy, “The new UX design looks sharp and will make it easy to find the required information. In fact, new reports along with custom dashboards will allow us to track data based on unique user needs, while at the same time, providing management with correct, global details for making right decisions.”

Along with a better UX, the upgrade also has security improvements. The login page has a facelift with a brand new title bar which helps ease navigation. Also, the password feature can tighten security, helping security administrators in enforcing stronger password rules through a combination of alphanumeric and non-alphanumeric characters.

“This release allows QA managers to achieve better traceability throughout the software development cycle by offering granular, role-based access to custom dashboard and reporting, in turn making QAComplete an integrated hub for test design, execution and reporting.” says Kevin Gillis, VP of Products for Development and Testing, SmartBear.