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Smarter Data Processing with Machine Learning

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Analyzing the trends and history of the digital world, it can be said that disruption is the only constant. Today, the presence and analysis of massive data sets map the movement of enterprises, as the dependence on paper-based process has grown obsolete.

The advent and popularity of the cloud platform can be seen as one of the major disruptions of this decade due to its capability of empowering companies with elevated operational efficiency.

The deployment of big data into the cloud can be traced as a major disruption of this decade, as this measure has freed companies from challenges and complexities of the on-premise setting. The cloud platform is marked by simplicity and excellence of operational efficiency paving the way for automated analysis and maintenance of large unstructured data sets, and it reduces expenditure cutting short the demands for manual configuration. Undoubtedly, for every case of big data deployment, the cloud platform is not the best choice. Whenever, the focus gets shifted to financial record, government record, and high-performance computing the on-premise platform becomes the best choice. Therefore, the adoption of hybrid cloud has earned currency, as it offers enterprises the desired flexibility to move between two different platforms without sparing hard labor.

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The question of data security has to be dealt with firmly before getting shifted to the cloud platform because it will not allow the full control of the user, and the open environment often puts the security before a question. Therefore, enterprises have to select their cloud-provider methodically to earn proper visibility. This year and the forthcoming years will witness the capabilities of ML to metamorphose the complicated operations in the database, and keeping with the shifting time, augmented analytics aiming at the integration ML and natural language operation will transform into an essential factor to ensure the smooth running of data analytics and management. The traditional BI used to draw insights manually, but augmented analytics, in turn, allows several algorithms to build necessary insights automatically. Therefore, the future of data processing will witness drastic changes, and ML will have a substantial role in this shift.

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