SmartLogic-MarkLogic Collaboration Streamlines Organization's Information and Content Management Capabilities

By CIOReview | Friday, December 18, 2015

SAN JOSE, CA: SmartLogic, a developer of information retrieval and knowledge management solutions, has announced software integration with MarkLogic Corporation – a provider of enterprise NoSQL database.

SmartLogic’s Content Intelligence platform, Semaphore, enhances the capabilities of enterprise search engines, content management and workflow systems. The platform is used by organizations to drive workflows, manage and secure documents, explore and discover new information and develop new revenue streams. On the other hand, MarkLogic  is considered a multi-model NoSQL database for its ability to store, manage, and search JSON and XML documents and graph data.

The alliance will enable Semaphore to enhance the NoSQL database platform, supporting smarter applications. Organizations can now better leverage content, provide context to information assets, improve the relevance of search and risk management.

MarkLogic database allows easy access of intelligence and information from documents, data and triples. The SmartLogic and MarkLogic database integration will assist organizations in leveraging content, providing context to information assets, aggregating and linking data sources and improving the relevance of the source to achieve faster time-to-value and improved risk management.

“With an integrated triple store, the MarkLogic database can manage billions of triples in a way that both humans and computers can understand. Smartlogic adds the valuable content intelligence layer that makes it easy to work with all of the data to get deeper insights and make better business decisions,” says David Ponzini, SVP, Corporate Development, MarkLogic.