SolidRun launches World's Smallest Intel Braswell-based Computer

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Dr. Atai Ziv, SolidRun's CEO

Dr. Atai Ziv, SolidRun's CEO

FREMONT, CA: SolidRun developer and manufacturer of powerful, energy-efficient SoMs (System on Modules), industrial PCs and mini-computers, has announced world’s smallest Braswell-based Single Board Computer (SBC). The new quad core E8000- based SBC is designed for fast, flexible IoT system implementations and will provide powerful x86 computing capabilities, combined with rich connectivity features.

At 100mm x 80mm, the SolidPC Q4 is also expected to provide exceptional flexibility for a wide range of applications, including mission-critical IoT systems, point of sales, 4K video analytics and digital signage. The new SolidPC Q4 is armed with MicroSD interface, three USB Host ports, Dual HDMI 4K display, an infrared receiver, and it is also extendable via miniPCle and M.2 connectors.

“We are pleased to be the first to offer an E8000-based board to the market with our SolidPC Q4,” said Dr. Atai Ziv, SolidRun’s CEO. “Offering feature-rich, high quality design and production standards with an attractive price allows us to serve a wide array of market segments, including makers, integrators and developers.”

SolidRun in order to benefit their customer with wireless IoT devices and small-form factor focuses on integrated design and reduction of power consumption. The company is also heavily involved in digital signage, drone technology, agriculture and telecom projects and other new verticals. SolidRun is also into reducing carrier network load and LTE off load modules that channel mobile data over available WIFI networks. “SolidRun has also adopted unique routing technologies that serve as Fiber-to-the-Premises enablers. We want to continue providing our customers with the most innovative, competitively-priced solutions on the market. The reason we are leading the roost is because we can easily downgrade and reduce price points for the technology rollouts” adds Ziv.