StatSocial Joins IBM Watson's Ecosystem Group, Brings a New Era in Computing

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: With five other companies including Engage, Macaw Speech, Opentopic, Vennli and Domas Semo Sancus, StatSocial, provider of social media data, has become the part of IBM Watson’s Ecosystem Partner.

Under this partnership, StatSocial is bringing Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to the social data market. The company will use Watson Personality Insights API to analyze billions of social media and blog posts to help brands and marketers understand the essential needs and values of their customers. Also, their partnership is going to help them in understanding the pulse of social consumer and bridge the gap between online and offline customers.

The IBM Watson Personality Insights API offers applications to derive insights from social media, enterprise data or other digital communications.

There are several customers of StatSocial’s social platform; one of them is Evolve24, a data analytics and insights company. “Our clients are using StatSocial’s detailed audience information, coupled with our Evolve24 analytics, to help inform their brand positioning, create their brand and creative strategies, and better measure the impact of their advertising and communications programs,” says Karin Kane, Chief Consumer Officer of Evolve24.