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Steps to Improve Employee Engagement for Effective Business Growth

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 14, 2019

Employee engagement is one of the great concerns for companies as an employee can work wonders towards the overall business development. The introduction of intelligent technologies has helped companies in gaining massive insights into their work culture, assisting them in the development of innovative workforce management strategies.

Artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and many powerful communication tools are empowering companies to increase employee engagement levels and enhance employee output. Here is an analysis of a few solutions that can help companies in improving employee engagement:

Employee experience: Employee experience is the sum total of each aspect of an employee’s day at their workplace. It comprises of all the minute details of the workplace environment for an employee. Organizations are increasingly acknowledging the fact that an engaged employee can have great impact on the customer experience, so HR teams are putting employee experience high on their agenda. Enterprises need to put extra emphasis on the development of a happy work environment by providing improved and interactive culture, professional development opportunities, rewards and recognition, and so on.

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Continuous Learning: Technology trends are changing rapidly with the introduction of new and more advanced technology tools. Companies need to provide a culture of continuous learning, which can help them to leverage the latest trends in technology. Continuous learning enhances an employee’s resiliency, helping companies in improving the employee-employer relationship. A 2016 Deloitte states that learning opportunities can be a significant factor in driving employee engagement and building a healthy workplace culture.

Performance management: Most companies are still using the outdated performance evaluation forms, which don’t have any real impact on the overall performance of the organization. Many of the other performance management techniques are ineffective in driving employee engagement.  A data-driven approach can improve performance management processes to a large extent. Many technology tools can provide real-time feedback about performance management techniques and methods with the help of data. Data-Driven feedback will allow employees to contribute towards the overall business performance.

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