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Stormshield's Innovative Robust Industrial Security Appliance

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 11, 2016
Pierre Calais, CEO, Stormshield

Pierre Calais, CEO, Stormshield

FREMONT, CA: Stormshield, a provider of security solutions to protect networks has recently collaborated with Schneider, OPPIDA, and Télécom Bretagne Research Institute, to develop a unique appliance based on the product range of Stormshield Network Security for securing industrial facilities. The R&D departments of the partner teams have specifically designed SNi40—a comprehensive product equipped with enhanced protocol analyzers that customized to fulfill the protection requirements of manufacturing industries.

By using SNi40, companies in production industries will get advantage of various combinations of unique security and regulatory compliance measures for their production network without hampering their productivity. Furthermore, SNi40 can withstand the extreme electromagnetic and thermal conditions similar to industrial robots as it is engineered to meet today’s needs of manufacturing sector.

Adding to these benefits, partnering with Schneider has given Stormshield a better understanding about the industrial protocols along with the limiting factor of manufacturing arena The company has recently integrated latest features like DPI detection and filtering functions with their Stormshield Network Security solution for complying with OPC UA in addition to Modbus industrial protocols, S7, and DNP3.

“To serve every customer’s requirement for a safe and protected IT infrastructure, Stormshield provides different security packs—Remote office packs, Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Premium UTM, Enterprise pack,” says Pierre Calais, CEO, Stormshield. “Our values are collaborative success, think global, and build trust, which means we work with our customers and partners all over the world, hand in hand.” Stormshield also aims to constantly improve capabilities of SNi40 with advanced functions and latest compliance trends 2016 by the end of this year.