Taaneh Publishes its Patent Application to Address Counterfeiting Platform

By CIOReview | Monday, March 9, 2015

PRINCETON, N.J: Taaneh –a developer of diamond-based authentication systems –has announced the publication of its patent application (US-2015-0060699-A1), which entails materials and methods related to the company's anti-counterfeiting platform.

This platform has been designed and built to organize the process of authentication, identification and construction of anti-counterfeiting systems, especially anti-counterfeiting capabilities in drug manufacturing. According to World Health Organization, 431 billion Dollars in counterfeit products are now sold each year.

Diamond, with its inert nature can be added to products and labels without disrupting manufacturing or printing processes. It is comprised of closely packed cubic lattices that possess natural variations in structure. When it is exposed to electromagnetic radiation fluoresce at certain wavelengths, with certain intensities, for certain periods of time, the spectral signature that is generated can be used to authenticate a product and it’s labeling.

The patent, further describes how encryption, remotely programmable authentication, and secure databases to support verification and reporting can be made possible. The process of verification can be carried out through a handheld, remotely programmable device which can be used throughout the distribution chain. 

This anti-counterfeiting mechanism supports authentication in overt, semi-covert, fully covert and forensic basis. It can be used with low concentrations of diamond, and Product can be directly authenticated both before and after removal from package,

This solution is not just limited to pharmaceuticals, and can be used in applications like cosmetics and fragrances, foods, textiles, paint, ink, currency, mechanical components, electronics and packaging. "The challenge with many currently available anti-counterfeiting technologies is that they cannot provide a one-to-one link between packaging and drug product, they require major investments in technology and manufacturing, or they don't offer on-demand remote verification," says Donna Cabral-Lilly, Ph.D., Taaneh's head of product development and manufacturing.