Taking Multimedia as the Message through Facebook's Slingshot

By CIOReview | Monday, July 21, 2014

FREMONT, CA: Facebook’s second app from Facebook Creative Labs, Slingshot, is being touted as the competitor to the popular Snapchat. Slingshot allows the user to share pictures and short videos with several others at the same time. The novice factor is that those who receive it will not be able to see the picture or video the user sent unless they send something in return.  Slingshot works on iOS7 and Android (Jelly Bean and KitKat).

Facebook has made it clear that they are not branding Slingshot as a messaging app but much more. The criterias of having to share before viewing is implemented not just for the sake of launching an app. A thought well planned to make facebook users more innovative. Slingshot has the ability to connect with friends on the social network. The friend list however is said to have been built from contacts stored in the smartphone. Media shared on the app can be viewed over and over in a loop before being discarded by flick of a finger.

Contrasting feature of Slingshot is that it was developed initially during a hackathon even and later converted into a full-fledged project, as reported by Ian Sherr from CNET. This app is seen to have more strategic objective than monetary from the company perspective. The company is looking forward to build a comprehensive suite of apps making greater inroads into the mobile market share.

After making a multimedia file (picture, video or other graphic), the user has to select the individual or friends’ group to which he would like to share the content with. List of friends is culled from the phone number in the smartphone.