TCI Integrates TransUnion's ID Manager into its DecisionLender 4.0 Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ISLANDIA, N.Y. – A provider of cloud-based loan origination solutions for credit unions, banks and finance companies, Teledata Communications Inc. (TCI) announced that is has integrated TransUnion's ID Manager Fraud detection and authentication solution into its DecisionLender 4.0 loan origination platform. Online lenders can quickly verify the identity of loan applicants, reduce risk exposure, and expedite the loan approval and loan origination processes in real-time using this collaborative platform. ID Manager is immediately available to all DecisionLender 4.0 customers.

"We're very pleased to partner with TransUnion to bring its ID Manager solution directly to our DecisionLender 4.0 customers," said Bill Nass, president of TCI. "Identity verification is especially challenging for online lenders—who don't have the luxury of physically meeting with applicants to ensure identities. The ID Manager feature is designed to help online lenders overcome this problem by analyzing a multitude of data points to help ensure that applicants are who they say they are."

Suited to serve both online and traditional lenders, TransUnion's ID Manager collects and processes data from hundreds of sources, and augments this insight with device profiling and digital behavior analysis to detect fraud using advanced analytics and algorithms, in addition to give lenders real-time authentication of loan applicant identities.

"TransUnion's ID Manager platform has added several capabilities over the last 24 months which collect identity and device risk data, evolve with machine learning and analytics, and ultimately, drive a better consumer experience," said Aaron Smith, vice president, business development at TransUnion.  "By integrating ID Manager with DecisionLender 4.0, TCI can deliver a flexible, reliable, and intuitive solution."

Empowering lenders to customize and manage their loan origination programs on their own, including lending rules, forms and processes, DecisionLender 4.0 will provide lenders with capabilities that provide abilities to swiftly respond to customer needs without relying on time-consuming and costly third-party vendors and expensive IT resources. Leveraging this technology, lenders can quickly and easily adjust their programs as needed to take immediate advantage of market opportunities by sector, region, merchant, or any other parameter.