Telefonica Opts Comsearch's iQlinkXG to Enhance its Network Capabilities

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 6, 2014

HICKORY, NC: Telefonica, a telecommunication company, selects Comsearch – a provider of wireless solutions for enterprises – to develop enhanced wireless network by using iQ.linkXG microwave backhaul planning tool.

iQ.linkXG enables engineers to design highly reliable networks by efficient use of radio spectrum in a limited but critical resource in wireless networks. The tool’s comprehensive engineering algorithm and database management property will help optimize the network from the smallest antennas at lowest heights with lowest transmit power.

Addressing the challenges of increasing demand for capacity and limited spectrum resources, iQ.LinkXG solution builds a database of microwave links to limit interference in congested area and maximizes the use of spectrum. Microwave antennas provide wireless backhaul – the intermediate links between the backbone network and the small subnetworks – that supports fast network.

iQ.linkXG tool supports modern radio technology like adaptive modulation that help operators receive maximum output at clear sky condition. It also maintains a robust, high-priority voice channel during the time of weak network. The software platform prevents the possibility of over-engineering that help planners avoid high cost. It makes correction for any error that can be developed by the use of improper planning tools.

Ben Cardwell, Senior VP of Global Wireless Sales, CommScope, states that backhaul networks perform at its optimum level for high speed communications. It enhances the design and optimization of network to next level.