TeleMedCo Prefers GENBAND's Kandy Platform to Attain Real Time TeleHealth Alliance Competence

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 5, 2016
Patrick Joggerst, EVP and CMO, GENBAND

Patrick Joggerst, EVP and CMO, GENBAND

Fremont, CA: TeleMedCo is a company dedicated towards innovating immediate technology to aid emergency rooms and urgent care services intended to automate and advance the swift diagnosis, triage and admission of patients. The firm recently announced that by leveraging IBM Watson's software and healthcare cloud potential, it is representing their platform, application, as well as mobile experience.

TelMedCo opted for GENBAND’s Kandy platform owing to its prowess as a real-time communications provider, that include safe and HIPAA compliant instant messaging and voice services, as well as multi-party video association. It does so by embedding in instinctive experiences that allows the joining of incoming patients as well as their care teams.

The TeleMedCo platform is currently under development and is anticipated to be in hospital trials by the end of 2016, by taking customary emergency room protocols and programming them into interactive system for incoming patients. It does by answering various questions in succession and collecting personal information that enables the system to access as well as share the requisite Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Moreover, the system can order vitals and labs, record data and hence, make it easily accessible by doctors, specialists and other medical personnel.

This results in a swifter and accurate admission procedure as well as heightened efficiency operations of Emergency Rooms (ER), which are currently under remarkable stress as visits to ERs are increasing in number and suffering from understaffing.

With Watson charged with the task of welcoming and interviewing patients who come into an emergency care facility, doctors and other medical personnel will be able to tend to more patients who require attention. Watson’s capabilities in reading medical journals and research documents in real-time and its huge pharmaceutical database will swiftly speed up treatment and help eliminate errors. It will also update patient records, codes and insurance claims, as well as monitor patients for aftercare.

"We are very proud this week to be the real time communications engine behind this project," said Paul Pluschkell, CEO, Kandy. "This solution can save time, money and even lives, and the scope to spread out this from Emergency Rooms into other applications is remarkable."

"This is one of the most exciting projects I've ever contributed to," said Andy Asava, CEO, Qualesce. "It gives us great honor to work with proper futurists on something so important to each of us. The opportunity to especially lessen costs while making the ER visit experience and treatment for patients better is nothing short of inspiring."