Tenrox PSA Powers Up Ntegra's Professional Services Automation
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Tenrox PSA Powers Up Ntegra's Professional Services Automation

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AUSTIN, TX: Ntegra, an information technology consultancy and service provider has adopted the Tenrox Professional Services Automation software for better management of projects, including planning, time and expense tracking, and reporting.

Tenrox PSA is a solution rolled out by the Upland softwares, a cloud provider of enterprise work management applications. The solution won over Ntegra with its ability to easily accommodate the company’s current business structure. The additional features of the software that led to the adoption of the technology are: integration of key pieces of functionality and the ability to provide extensive reporting as well as offering competitive pricing.

Tenrox PSA will be utilized by Ntegra to make easy the project and lifecycle management, project planning and reporting. It will be able to gain real-time visibility across the projects that company is working on as well as mange expansion of services and make profit out of it.

It will also assist in the easy alignment of projects and workforce with their business goals plus forecast demand and prioritize work accordingly.

“We chose Upland’s Tenrox application to help us manage our growing business and to help us manage the many new processes that come with this growth. It is essential that we gain good visibility into every aspect of the business. Tenrox will be the central tool that will help us to achieve this goal,” says Steve Woodham, Director of Finance at Ntegra.