Thanks to Silver, Apple's Swift's Development Extended to .NET and Android

By CIOReview | Friday, March 6, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Apple’s latest programming language, Swift, is set to be extended beyond iOS onto Android and.NET, reports Rob Marvin for SD Times.

This extension on to a different platform has been made possible by Silver –a compiler and development environment for writing code in Apple’s Swift language on Android, Java, Mono, .NET and the OS X Cocoa APIs. Silver, which is a free implementation of Swift, has been developed by Rem Objects Software.

Silver states that, in spite of supporting multiple platforms, it is not decidedly cross platform and is focused only on enabling the developer to effectively use the language natively for each platform.  It allows the user to share language and tool expertise as well as back-end business logic code. Through Silver, it wants to facilitate the development of apps designed for each app specifically, making it not just a compiler but a toolchain and development environment for creating apps.

Marc Hoffman, who is the Chief Architect and CEO of Rem Objects, said that they are making an effort to define Swift but only to reproduce it in a way Apple has. “As a developer, you need to learn, understand and appreciate each platform individually. And then you need to design an application for that platform with that in mind. Silver is designed for developers who work in this mindset.” he added.