Think Tech Labs Unveils Rethink's New Versions

By CIOReview | Friday, August 7, 2015

AUSTIN, TX: Think Tech Labs, provider of real estate industry software solutions built upon Salesforce, launches two new versions of its product, REthink to enhance users’ experience and to facilitate them with new real estate features. The two new versions are REthink Residential and REthink Commercial.    

With the launch of REthink Residential version, REthink can deliver differentiated, fast and quality-based services to its client. It comprises three features; first one is Bidirectional listing matching, where REthink automatically selects preferences according to the clients’ requirements and then categorize the interested buyers who are interested in the provided listing. The other important feature is listing browser, which generates an interactive, image-intensive collection of listings that match a buyer’s choices, and the last feature of REthink Residential is tour map, which uses Google Maps and can be enhanced with scheduled stops for a break.

While REthink’s another release, REthink Commercial is for the enhancement of a firm’s business process management capabilities and to reduce their operating costs. Unlike REthink Residential, it consists of only two features, Action Plans and Stacking Plans. Action Plans helps firms to manage their transaction and other routine multistep business processes; and Stacking Plans gives an insight of better property management and help firms track lease expirations and stay on top of upcoming space availability.

Commenting on the new launch, Tori Jordan, REthink’s Head of Product, states, “We dedicated six months to making both our commercial and residential versions faster to configure and deploy, which gets our clients up and running sooner, easier to manage, which lowers costs for both of us and our clients, and simpler to integrate with.”