ThreadKM Launches "Firm Chat" and Project Management for Legal Professionals

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 20, 2015

ATLANTA, GA:  ThreadKM, provider of technology for legal professionals, has introduced a legal knowledge management platform, which will ease project management for lawyers. This will improve communications and bring down the number of mails in mailboxes. This team chat is a matter centric team chat that allows legal teams to pitch in their ideas, views and files.

“Managing email is the number one complaint inside of law firms: it’s stressful, time-consuming, and not billable. So we asked ourselves, how can we help legal teams collaborate, move knowledge and documents quickly between colleagues, and ultimately be happier and more productive? That’s the genesis of ThreadKM,” says Dan Hauck, CEO, ThreadKM.

ThreadKM also launches a project management solution called “kanban” that will help lawyers to keep track of all the cases. Kanban is under use by consultants, software developers and other knowledge workers. The platform is now open for lawyers and using a virtual “board,” lawyers can quickly plan matters, assign tasks, and track progress as each matter develops.

“New law firms are signing up through the company’s website every week. We’ve received a tremendous amount of interest from law firms and corporate legal departments trying to wrangle control over email and project management issues. And we expect to complete on-premises deployments with several firms this year,” said Hauck.