Thycotic Unveils Privileged Accounts Discovery Tool

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 18, 2016

WASHINGTON, WA: Thycotic, a provider of IT security and privilege management solutions has launched its first tool for privileged accounts discovery on Unix and Linux. The company’s latest Privileged Accounts Discovery solution for Unix is available free of cost and can be downloaded from their website. The tool provides extensive reports for Unix and Linux privileged accounts across the organization at singular point. It enables enterprises to visualize any vulnerability in privileged passwords as the first step towards enhancing security and regulatory compliance.

Privileged Unix accounts are of serious concern because they lack accountability and impose security and compliance challenges in managing access across several Unix/Linux systems while controlling the usage of root accounts. “We saw a need in the market around cyber threats and our experience in mitigating cyber-attacks helped us create specialized software that allows companies to organize their most sensitive credentials,” says Jonathan Cogley, Founder and CTO, Thycotic. Privileged Accounts Discovery tool for Unix enables cyber security and information sharing by allowing the customers to keep a check on potential backdoor accounts, audit ages of privileged passwords, and discovering non-expiring privileged accounts without revealing passwords.

Privileged Accounts Discovery for Unix develops executive summary report that displays the health and expiration details of Unix and Linux privileged account password. It also observes virtual machines operating on hypervisors without creating heavy network traffic or locking out of accounts. Privileged Account Discovery for Unix is a simple and secure tool that provides privacy along with usable data to the consumers.