TIBCO's Live Datamart 2.0 Designed for Streaming Fast Data

By CIOReview | Monday, April 6, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: According to Gartner, when people, businesses and things communicate, process transaction and negotiate with one other, there is an increased the possibility of evolution of digital business. Incorporating the similar vision, TIBCO Software – an infrastructure and business intelligence solutions provider firm – announces the general availability of TIBCO Live Datamart 2.0 platform.

TIBCO Live Datamart platform, a live data mart, gives a push-based real-time analytics solution to enable business users to analyze, anticipate and receive alerts on real-time occurring events. The systems have visualization as well as human oversight of Fast Data processes capabilities that helps users optimize business outcomes at running stage.

The new platform develops in-memory images of streams by connecting directly to streamed data. The platform gives an ad-hoc mechanism to generate continuous, real-time results and alerts to end users.

TIBCO Live Datamart platform comprises multiple features:

Embeded R Predictive Analytics: TIBCO Spotfire helps create the predictive analytics in TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for ‘R’ that can be spotted on Live Datamart server.

Enhancements in Continuous Query Processor: TIBCO Live Datamart’s improved query types include enhanced new dynamic aggregation, alert functionality, data compression and dynamic real-time stream query performance.

Support for IoTs: The new platform facilitates intelligence and business operations analytics to stream IoT data. It connects IoT data sources and protocols such as OSI Pi and Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT).

Mobile and Web Access: To increase the productivity in digital business, there must be regular mobile and web access to live data. The new platform incorporates StreamBase LiveView 2.0 to provide new APIs that facilitates end-user access to live operational intelligence with standard theHTML5 technologies.

Native In-Memory Data Grid Support: TIBCO Live Datamart comprises ActiveSpaces, a distributed in-memory data grid to increase processing speed to reduce the burden on costly transactional systems.

StreamBase LiveView Desktop: It renders end-user query functionality, live graphing, ad-hoc application development and end-user alerting control. StreamBase LiveView Desktop showcases enterprise failover functionality to keep the business steady in terms of communication with increased productivity even if the primary server fails. The solution also comprises visualization and usability improvements for live streaming of data.