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Tintri's VM-aware Solution Quadruples the Existing Storage Capacity

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman, Tintri

Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman, Tintri

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA: As the need for storage solutions are rising, Tintri, a developer of flexible and easy to manage storage solutions for virtual application and business services is playing a crucial role in mitigating the storage challenges that organizations of all sizes are experiencing today. Along with its VM-aware storage (VAS) solution for the virtualization and cloud environments, Tintri helps several organizations to expand their storage footprint by approximately three times without adding any new storage personnel.  

Ever since the VM-aware solution is developed, Tintri has enabled its clients to focus on service delivery, and support several resellers running overburdened workloads due to the varying performance demands by the hundreds and thousands of customers. “Tintri is the solution for organizations that have embraced virtualization. Too often, storage has been the bottleneck for VDI, server virtualization and private cloud—with Tintri, storage is the enabler of those initiatives, and freedom for the users,” says Ken Klein, CEO and Chairman, Tintri. The VM assigns each virtual machine with a performance lane, introducing its clients with the ability to work, handle, and manage any virtual server, database and desktop workload, and eliminating the need for dedicated storage experts.

Being one of Tintri’s beneficiaries, Global Cloud Technologies, an employee-owned cloud solutions provider shifted from the legacy SDN Storage to Tintri’s VM-aware storage solution. Prior to its collaboration with Tintri, the client often faced barriers to manage applications. "As a cloud service provider, we don't know what virtualized workloads end customers will be adding or modifying next, so we need a storage tool that is both extremely flexible and easy to manage," notes Keith Coker, Co-Founder and CTO, Green Cloud Technologies. "After much investigation and testing, it was clear to us that only Tintri solves the fundamental challenges of operating a highly virtualized environment. As a result, storage isn't a focus any longer: we spend our time on strategic projects and better serving our customers."

"Tintri is the only hypervisor agnostic storage platform with ‘VM-awareness’ to serve mixed workloads — servers, virtual desktop infrastructure and development, all on a single Tintri VMstore20," exclaims Ken Klein.