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Transforming Healthcare with Hybrid HPC

By CIOReview | Monday, May 7, 2018

Hybrid high performance computing (HPC) is at the forefront of transforming how different verticals perform across industries today. Similarly, in the health industry hybrid HPC solutions and capabilities are empowering hospitals, medical research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies with faster and better digital transformation. These cutting-edge capabilities, more precisely, target to enhance patient care, curtail the cost of medicines and operations, and better outcomes. The major driving force behind medical breakthroughs in significant areas such as personalized and predictive medicine, and drug and discovery is HPC.

Amalgamating the reliability and security of on-premise technology with unconstrained scalability and agility of public, private, or hybrid clouds, healthcare organizations can implement the apt infrastructure to further HPC capabilities, increase their ease of use, and accelerate time to insight. A fitting example of such transformation is the Living Heart Project, a groundbreaking project that infuses the power of realistic simulation with human modeling. This revolutionary project is a shared mission to devise precise and personalized digital models of the human heart. Such models help lay down a common technology framework for training and education, medical equipment testing and designing, clinical diagnosis and much more—all with a common purpose of enhancing patient care. Hence, Hybrid HPC is gradually becoming the new reality in the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem. Hybrid HPC is leading the charge in helping organizations improve their operations with leading-edge solutions and expertise to facilitate hybrid innovation and transform the entire medicine landscape. All in all, hybrid HPC is here to stay in the healthcare arena, speeding time to insight into the development of more effective and better medicines and changing lives of people.

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