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Tukatech: Beauty Lies in Perfection

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Ram Sareen, CEO & Founder Iva Sareen, President Raj Sareen, Director of Strategic Relationships

Ram Sareen, CEO & Founder Iva Sareen, President Raj Sareen, Director of Strategic Relationships

The pattern-makers of Tukatech can easily design the first pattern from scratch, and even stipulate values to instantly apply grading for larger as well as smaller sizes.

FREMONT, CA: Tukatech proudly introduces TUKA APM, the world’s first fully automated pattern-making and grading software as a module within TUKAcad. With the platform, a person having any level of skill can complete a graded pattern within seconds. Apparel vendors and factories can generate a 2D CAD pattern from measurements, including grade rules as effortlessly.

Ram Sareen, the Chairman, and CEO of Tukatech had a long-time mission to come up with an automated pattern-making that helps in automating and reducing grading along with marker-making. Nevertheless, pattern-making is an art, and it required more artisan contribution.

“We’ve been labeled as ‘disruptive technologist.’ We’re always looking for a different way to do things. I live by the mantra: Change is constant; growth is optional,” said Sareen.

Sareen points the breakthrough of TUKA APM to the developments in ML and data science. He dedicated all his efforts to automate pattern-making completely and appreciates the dedicated developers who accompanied him in fulfilling his vision for twelve years.

The latest version of TUKA APM is now available as an additional module to TUKAcad via cloud-based subscription. The pattern-maker gives value for every point of measure indicated on a visual guide for any of the required silhouettes. Each day the company develops and grades the patterns to create a costing marker for quotations that can be referred by other brands and retailers.

Vendors using TUKA APM can swiftly develop first patterns and avail better ideas of garment cost at the beginning of the design process itself. When the platform is connected with TUKA3D, tends to generate even 3D samples, leading to well-informed decisions early in the design process. To design houses with the first pattern makers using the application makes showroom samples for budding styles and brings more productivity from less number of people. TUKA APM is accessible by both existing as well as new TUKAcad customers via cloud subscription.

Tukatech was featured as one of the 20 Most Promising Textile and Apparel Technology Solution Providers of 2017 by CIOReview. The company was founded in 1995 by garment-industry veteran Ram Sareen, and the technological abilities of it remain unequaled in the fashion industry.

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