Twitter's Periscope Simplifies Live Broadcasting

By CIOReview | Friday, March 27, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Twitter launches Periscope, an app to stream, share, and watch live broadcasts. Those who want to share their videos do not need to run around looking for audience, just one tap and the audience is readily available in the form of Twitter followers.  

Users with this app can notify their followers that they are live and the followers can immediately join in and check out the event, live. Fresh content is always appealing and Twitter wants to make sure that audience does not run to traditional media channels be it the latest political news or private family moments.

Viewers are not just dumb spectators in this app. They can interact with the broadcaster by sending messages and they can even express their gratification by tapping the screen to send ‘hearts.’

Periscope or Periscope Co.
Interestingly, the name ‘Periscope’ clashes with the name of a company – called Periscope with twitter account as @Periscope – who is also very close to what Periscope “app” does. The company, Periscope is into marketing and advertising helping customers with digital marketing, social media, print and broadcast and other such ventures.  Twitter may need to come up with a move that clears the haze concerning the app and the company bearing the same name before it gets grotesque.

Fight with Meerkat
Many believe Periscope app will be a one-on-one fight with Meerkat, the nascent live video sharing app which is widely popular among the journalists and enjoying the days of fame as the 27th most popular social app in the U.S. Meerkat allows live videos to be shared with the twitter followers just like Periscope. But as a similar product native to the company, Periscope will have far wider reach of Twitter and its rich set of tools and resources compared to Meerkat which may be at odds with the latter’s interest.