Ubiquiti Networks to Use ANADIGICS WiFi Infrastructure for High Speed Connectivity
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Ubiquiti Networks to Use ANADIGICS WiFi Infrastructure for High Speed Connectivity

By CIOReview | Friday, September 11, 2015

WARREN, NJ: ANADIGICS, provider of radio frequency solutions, is going to give out production volumes of its AWL 5910 power amplifier to Ubiquiti Networks, to support its airFiber 5X Carrier Backhaul Radio. Ubiquiti Network is provider of high-end wireless networking products. The integrated solution will provide high-speed wireless connectivity between the states of Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

The AWL5910 power amplifier provides 21 dB of linear power gain at 22dBm output power to ensure stable and reliable high throughput WiFi connectivity. ANADIGICS’ 802.11ac WiFi power amplifiers eliminate the need for costly external circuitry as it features a digital PA interface. It is also equipped with an integrated detector that provides accurate power control over fluctuating load conditions. The WiFi infrastructure also supports the power limitations of Power over Ethernet (PoE) equipment through low consumption of current.

The features of ANADIGICS 802.11ac WiFi Infrastructure include high gain and output levels for optimal performance in infrastructure; ultra low EVM that enable high transmission data rates; accurate power control to extend dynamic range of connectivity; enhanced thermal characteristics to support MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) applications; CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) compatible control interface for easy use and compact package to reduce space requirements.

"Wireless performance and reliability are advancing at a tremendous pace to sustain the explosive growth in global data demand. ANADIGICS' WiFi infrastructure power amplifiers support this trend by delivering an industry-leading combination of linearity, efficiency, gain and thermal characteristics," says Alex Miller, Product Marketing Manager, WiFi Products, ANADIGICS.

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