Ubisoft Joins Aleph.im’s Decentralized Network as Core Channel Operator
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Ubisoft Joins Aleph.im’s Decentralized Network as Core Channel Operator

By CIOReview | Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Many decentralized applications and cryptocurrency protocols still rely on somewhat centralized infrastructure, with cloud services accounting for over 70 percent of Ethereum nodes.

FREMONT, CA: Aleph.im, a cross-blockchain decentralized storage and computing network, recently announced that Ubisoft, a pioneering creator, publisher, and distributor of interactive entertainment and services, is running a core channel node on aleph.im, promoting the development of the decentralized network.

"Our primary mission is to make decentralized cloud services a reality," said Jonathan Schemoul, Founder and CEO, aleph.im. "It is really encouraging to have such a successful business getting behind our vision of creating the next generation of cloud services that will be open-source, unstoppable and trustless."

Aleph.im attempts to overcome this problem by providing decentralized databases, compute, and a Decentralized Identification (DID) framework that allows DApps and protocols to remove centralized components from their stack. The aleph.im network is powered by core channel nodes.

Ubisoft, a leader in entertainment and video games, runs a core channel node called UbiStrat Lab that validates and controls the aleph.im network. The addition of this node increases aleph. ims capacity while also accelerating the network's decentralization.

"We are happy to be joining the Aleph.im ecosystem as Core Channel Node operator," explains Didier Genevois, Blockchain Tech Director, Ubisoft. "At Ubisoft, we believe that blockchain holds a key to the future of the videogame industry, bringing new possibilities for players and developers alike. Beyond NFTs themselves, the decentralized storage of their metadata appears to us as a determining factor in fulfilling the whole promise of true ownership. In this perspective, the exploration of the services offered by the Aleph.im decentralized network is particularly promising."

Ubisoft has been investigating blockchain technology as part of its Entrepreneurs Lab program and Strategic Innovation Lab, whose purpose is to foresee the future and assist Ubisoft in preparing for it by investigating the prospects presented by novel technologies. This year's Entrepreneurs Lab will include Aleph.im with ten other firms. This program, led by Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, will provide aleph.im with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to improve their decentralized ecosystem with the help of Ubisoft professionals. This season of the show focuses on working with entrepreneurs in the blockchain and positive entertainment industries to help shape the future of entertainment.