Unanet's New Financial Capabilities Transform Project-driven Organizations

By CIOReview | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DULLIES, VA: Unanet, a company committed to help organizations of all sizes to better manage projects, product and services has released its latest next-generation software to transform project-driven organizations. The software is purpose built to meet the needs of executives, project managers, operations and financial teams with integrated capabilities to support comprehensive management throughout the entire project lifecycle. 

Unanet’s software is designed to meet market challenges such as manual system handoffs, process delays, inaccurate data and time wasted in reconciling multiple systems. Thus the software is one-stop solution which manages all back-end and front-facing operations in one system. “The new Unanet makes it easy for project-driven organizations to track progress and set realistic goals based on performance. We are proud to have created a means to eliminate unproductive effort and rework by providing end-to-end support and automation for our customers,” says Fran Craig, President and CEO of Unanet.

The software is available both on cloud and on-premise, making it compatible with businesses of all sizes and cost-effective in deployment. The solution culminates customer projects, project resources, direct and indirect costs, profitability, invoicing, revenue recognition and performance against forecast and budget, with financial management capabilities for receivables, payables, general ledger and cost pool calculations.   It allows the managers to monitor bid-to-bill-to-book life cycle for time and materials, fixed price and cost, by integrating projects, people and financials under one web-based product. The solution provides the customers competitive advantage over the market with valid data and increases visibility for their project-driven business.