UniPixel Expands Operations with Atmel's Assets

By CIOReview | Friday, April 17, 2015

THE WOODLANDS, TX: UniPixel, a designer of Performance Engineered Films for the touch screen, flexible printed electronics and display markets, announces the successful acquisition of the assets of Atmel Corporation's XSense touch sensors group. The deal so includes getting patent and intellectual property licenses with Atmel for two years to leveraging XSense-related technologies.

The assets acquired include Atmel's XSense touch sensors manufacturing equipment, design tools and existing purchase orders. UniPixel has also acquired Atmel's established commercial volume manufacturing capability through the lease of Atmel's Colorado Springs XSense manufacturing facility and the expected transfer of certain related staff and engineering talent.

"Acquiring XSense allows us to better address the largest segments of the touch market, which are touch sensors for mobile phones and tablets, by combining the best performance and manufacturing elements of our respective touch technologies," comments Jeff Hawthorne, UniPixel's President and CEO.

XSense offers the same copper metal mesh advantages as InTouch, which include lower resistance for better noise immunity, lower power consumption, and higher reliability that avoids silver metal migration. Other shared features include a double-sided sensor design that offers improved moiré performance, module integration yields and reduced overall production costs. These sensors are manufactured using a roll-to-roll process that can turn unique touch-based concepts into functional designs with the potential for significantly lower total system costs.

With the deal, UniPixel expects to find an efficient solution to the increasing demand by OEMs for solutions with overall lighter weight, narrower borders and thinner cover glass. With its less than five-micron mesh capability and patented mesh designs, XSense touch technology eliminates pattern visibility and moiré issues with super-high resolution displays that are increasingly used across all form factors. The XSense technology also features a unique sensor design capability that allows the use of a passive stylus and eliminates ghost touch artifacts with a less than 0.4 millimeter thick cover glass.

Hawthorne continues, "The application of our proprietary material science technology is expected to enhance XSense performance, functionality and cost, while XSense is expected to provide us with diversification and risk mitigation through existing Tier-1 customers, an established revenue stream and customer pipeline, and proven commercial volume manufacturing."