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Unique Software-only Ecosystem for IoT Landscape

By CIOReview | Monday, May 2, 2016
Marc Hornbeek, Senior Solutions Architect, Spirent Communications

Marc Hornbeek, Senior Solutions Architect, Spirent Communications

FREMONT, CA: Spirent Communications has launched its Embedded Connectivity and Subscription Management ecosystem, a unique offering for the IoT developers. This software-only ecosystem provides global connectivity, remote configuration, scalability, and simple user experience to its end-users.

The Embedded Connectivity solution combines with remote subscription management cloud that allows clients to achieve their full IoT potential. Spirent’s Embedded Connectivity solution also includes embedded SIM technology that is offered by the firm’s strategic partner, Oasis Smart SIM. The solution facilitates manufacturers and chipset makers to implant SIM functionality straight into a secure hardware element without the requirement of a physical and carrier-dedicated SIM card.

With the help of this solution any associated unboxed device or gadgets can be connected automatically to its cellular network through the standard SIM bootstrap functionality. Spirent's novel auto-connect solution incorporates an additional and dependable Access Point Name (APN) setup functionality which permits immediate data connection from anyplace on the planet. It also enables the end-users to switch the cellular network for their complete fleet of devices as per their needs. “We help the organizations to identify gaps in their current practice and what they should do to get more value out of DevOps,” says Marc Hornbeek, Senior Solutions Architect, Spirent Communications.