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Unlocking Diverse Community Engagement for 2020: MetroQuest to Host Webinar with Arellano Associates

By CIOReview | Friday, October 23, 2020
Vancouver, BC - Diversity and equity in public engagement have become more important and yet more challenging in 2020. Follow along on Tuesday, October 27th, as top engagement experts from MetroQuest and Arellano Associates team up to uncover the most effective and proven strategies for reaching traditionally underrepresented communities in support of public plans and projects.

With public meetings off the table due to COVID-19, government agencies and planning firms have transformed their approach to public engagement. In this webinar, our expert speakers dive into the most effective strategies to help organizations safely reach and engage with the most vulnerable and traditionally underrepresented people in our communities. Whether it’s the environmental justice community, a key demographic for a project, or people without access to technology, any difficult-to-reach audience can be engaged with the right tactics and tools.

Host and speaker Dave Biggs, Chief Engagement Officer at MetroQuest, has 20+ years of experience in the public engagement sector, and has spoken on public engagement at conferences including the APA NPC (American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference), AMPO (Association of Metropolitan Planning Organization) Annual Conference, Rail~Volution, AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) TransComm Conference, and many others. He is joined by Melissa Holguin, Senior Project Manager at Arellano Associates. She recently broke public outreach records for LA Metro by spearheading an engagement campaign that reached 6,900+ people, using a strategy that perfectly matched participant demographics with the diversity of the Los Angeles region, from age group, to income level, ethnicity, zip code, and more.

With their combined expertise, this webinar highlights case studies, best practices, and tools required to achieve this new paradigm of diverse and inclusive public engagement. Dave Biggs and Melissa Holguin will dive deep into the barriers that lead to low participation and shine a light on proven solutions for engaging even the most difficult to reach audiences to support government agency plans.