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Upcoming Data Center Trends for 2021

By CIOReview | Thursday, March 11, 2021

Digitalization is occurring in all industries, and data centers themselves must keep pace with the transformations.

FREMONT, CA: The pandemic has caused profound changes in all aspects of society and firms have been forced to embrace and revamp their business models to survive. While some of the recent trends, such as increased digitalization, the lockdown emergency has amplified them. Since data centers are the online world's building blocks, they must implement the latest available technologies to respond to the post-pandemic world's digital requirements. Here are some of the most important trends of 2021 in this sector and how to develop a next-generation data center that is efficient and resilient in the face of unknown hurdles of the future.

Companies with remote management systems already enjoyed a competitive advantage, but the lockdown has made automation an essential thing due to movement restrictions. Despite the obvious essentiality of digital services during the pandemic, only some countries have classified data center personnel as essential workers who could commute freely. While some operations can be executed manually, the number of such tasks should be mitigated to a minimum, so less on-site employees are needed. Automating some operations can be mitigated to a self-service operation needing only a few minutes.

Many companies leveraged to keep servers and even entire racks on-premises, which were functioned and maintained by their IT staff. As offices closed due to the lockdown, firms were forced to move their hardware to proper data centers, and the interest in collocation services has increased. However, collocation needs have also changed. Customers now expect more than just renting rack space, so a data center must provide advanced tools not available in a self-hosting environment. An automation platform will offer most of these features, for example, remote operating system deployment, intelligent metrics, or firmware updates.

To facilitate edge computing, data centers should be developed only in technological and economic hubs and. With the unstoppable evolution of IoT devices and 5G, the requirement for edge computing is actual than ever. Providers must cope with this trend and scale their operations to implement new small data centers in edge areas as quickly as possible. Having a centralized platform that can handle hardware in thousands of locations is a big benefit in this scenario.

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