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Upland Software Leverages Workiva's Wdesk to Prevent Risks

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2016
Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO, Workiva

Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO, Workiva

AMES, IA: In the growing competition, enterprises are focusing to reduce time and optimize productivity. A cloud-based Enterprise Work Management software provider, Upland Software leverages Workiva’s technology ‘Wdesk’. Matt Rizai, Chairman and CEO, Workiva remarks, “It provides great value because all the data can be linked from the single source to maintain information consistency and avoid confusion.” Workiva is a cloud-based productivity platform solution provider helping enterprises to collect, link, report, and analyze business data with control and accountability.

Wdesk is hosted on the cloud platform and links numbers and text cross documents, workbooks, and presentations. This technology enables all the team members of the enterprise to collaboratively work in real-time and maintain transparency. “Many companies are currently using email to send text and other documents that contain necessary data to the contributors and reviewers through email, which is an insecure way of doing it—Wdesk changes it all,” adds Matt; it further avoids confusing email interactions. Workiva’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solution is easily integrated to the Upland Software’s business processes.

Wdesk is leveraged to increase the transparency and accountability of Upland Software’s SOX risk-control matrix process narratives and flowcharts. The implementation have optimized productivity and helped Upland Software to identify risks, determine the risk magnitude, establishing strategic responses and reporting risk exposure. Marissa Palmer, SOX and Compliance Manager, Upland Software says, “Because our data is linked in Wdesk, I know that it's accurate. The data transparency provided by Wdesk enables my team to more efficiently and accurately complete reporting and better support Upland's stakeholders.”