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Vantage Bank Texas Makes the Move to the KnowledgeLake Cloud

By CIOReview | Saturday, December 21, 2019
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI: Vantage Bank Texas, long-time KnowledgeLake client, has made the transition to the KnowledgeLake Cloud. The KnowledgeLake Cloud platform is a full-stack, end-to-end platform for capture, content, and process services. In addition to being fast and simple to administer, the KnowledgeLake Cloud platform boasts consumption-driven licensing and eliminates the need for tedious manual updates. Vantage Bank Texas is currently employing the KnowledgeLake cloud in their compliance, underwriting, operations, and lending departments, with plans to deploy the solution in their treasury department.

Danny Knudsen, Vice President and Solution Design & Development Director of Vantage Bank Texas, says that they were first intrigued to move to the KnowledgeLake Cloud when they heard of KnowledgeLake’s transition to a cloud-first offering. Speaking of the transition to the KnowledgeLake cloud, Knudsen says:

“We want to be able to take advantage of the latest functionality as soon as we can, especially as it pertains to API integrations. We are going through our own internal transitions to the cloud, and the KnowledgeLake Cloud fit into those initiatives very nicely.”

“Transitioning to the KnowledgeLake Cloud will allow us to offload infrastructure support and customize integrations with KnowledgeLake through the API,” Knudsen says. “The KnowledgeLake Cloud has provided us with an easy, and standardized, way for our users to get many documents imaged, indexed, and stored in our ECM system. We have found the KnowledgeLake systems to be very reliable and the support to be extremely responsive.”

Mark Oman, KnowledgeLake Vice President of Sales, said:

“We’ve seen amazing growth in KnowledgeLake customers who have made the transition to the KnowledgeLake Cloud. The KnowledgeLake Cloud enables organizations to be nimbler and more efficient thanks to its scalability and easy-to-use end user experience. We anticipate that Vantage Bank Texas will continue to experience great success with the KnowledgeLake Cloud.”