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Vasont Systems' Latest CMS Version Hosts a Powerful Collaborative Review Tool

By CIOReview | Tuesday, October 27, 2015

EMIGSVILLE, PA: With the focus on improving the quality of content and better collaboration with reviewers, Vasont Systems has rebuilt the Collaborative Review Tool for the Vasont Content Management System (CMS). The tool is available with the recent version of the company’s CMS ‘Vasont ST 3.0’ as SaaS.

Vasont Systems is a provider of content management software and XML data services useful for industries like manufacturing, technology, publishing, financial and healthcare.

Similar to word processor, the software possesses new interface which is user-friendly and familiar. It offers a platform where Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can provide their feedback regarding the document content.CMS platform of the company allows editing, reviewing and presentation, easing both print and digital publishing. Apart from these, an outstanding non-technical user interface has also been introduced by the company for the sake of reviewing content.

The interface mainly provides features suitable for non-technical reviewers; allows multiple reviewers to discuss and collaborate their ideas while reviewing and concentrates to improve the quality of the content. Collaborative Review tool also incorporates ‘Instant Threaded Commenting’ to facilitate interactions and exchange of views among reviewers.