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Vector Software's VectorCAST to Automate ActiGraph's Software Testing

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 12, 2016
John Paliotta, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vector Software.

John Paliotta, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Vector Software.

FREMONT, CA: Healthcare is a very sensitive and business-critical sector which requires flawless safety. With softwares changing the face of the healthcare, ActiGraph, a provider of objective physical activity and sleep/wake measurement solutions to the global scientific community now utilizes Vector Software’s VectorCAST solution to automate the software testing activities across the company’s software development lifecycle. Vector Software offers dynamic testing tools for embedded software applications. William McCaffrey, Chief Operating Officer, Vector Software states, “We are committed to developing and supporting embedded testing solutions that improve software quality and reliability.”

Solutions of ActiGraph build clinical and research data, generate analytics and achieve management missions of scientific organizations. The acitigraphy monitoring systems are highly accurate, and are cost-effective; these wearable devices, designed specifically to collect, document and monitor the physical movements.

ActiGraph’s view to improve the healthcare with most accurate and scientifically validated activity and sleep monitoring hardware and software solutions, has led way to choose Vector Software’s VectorCAST automated software  test platform after many evaluations. Along with VectorCAST, it has also attained IEC 62304 Certification, an international standard for medical software devices which specifies life cycle requirements for development of medical software. Genevieve Murray, Director of Marketing, ActiGraph says, “Key to our decision was Vector Software’s certification of VectorCAST for developing safety-related software and its ability to integrate easily within the ActiGraph development environment.”

VectorCAST is an embedded software testing platform of Vector Software that automates testing activities trans-software development lifecycle. This platform features varied tools which support testing—VectorCAST/C++, VectorCAST/Ada, VectorCAST/Manage, VectorCAST/Cover, VectorCAST/QA, VectorCAST/Analytics, VectorCAST/MCDC, VectorCAST/RSP and many more.  Development organizations can gain compliance with FDA General Principles of Software Validation and IEC 62304 medical device regulations by implementing VectorCAST. John Paliotta, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Vector Software concludes, “We will continue to provide test automation products with a focus on making our tools incrementally better every day.”