Verint's Enterprise Workforce Management Software Improves Back-Office Operations

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 3, 2016

MELVILLE, NY: The latest announcement from Verint Systems comes as stupefying news, as a global container shipping company plans to leverage its Enterprise Workforce Management software, which is inclusive of Desktop and Process Analytics and Performance Management feature. The organization shall make use of these technologies in their global service centers for handling processing work and driving operational excellence. Verint deploys solutions catering for actionable intelligence.

 “Verint is the global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions. Our Cyber Security solutions harness our excellence in big data collection, analysis and investigation to transform the way governments and large organizations protect their vital assets from highly sophisticated and unpredictable cyber attacks,” remarks Hudi Zack, Senior VP, Head, Verint Cyber Business Unit.

Verint’s expertise in workforce optimization for furnishing reliable and flexible services places them at the forefront of the market and competition. The company can focus on improving efficiencies by balancing workloads, staffing, and other resources, facilitated by Verint’s technology deployment. Moreover, streamlining complicated processes and enhancing performance of workers shall become easy with the implication.

“Our broad Customer Engagement Optimization solution has positioned Verint as a strategic business partner within the company’s team of trusted advisors,” says Ady Meretz, President, Asia Pacific, Verint. “We’re delighted to be working with this global shipping organization and believe that our solutions will provide a valuable foundation as it continues to expand its business network and elevate operational efficiencies across the enterprise.”

The Customer Engagement Optimization platform assimilates a broad spectrum of services, inclusive of Workforce Management, Desktop and Process Analytics, and Performance Management solutions, which helps to automate and simplify back-office processes. Additionally, it provides transparency about data, people, and processes involved in back-office setups. The insight, thus accumulated can balance workloads, optimize resources to increase processing speed, meet service requirements, and improve compliance. The initiative shall help shipping companies to deliver real-time guidance for staff, with an underlying objective of enhancing returns.