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Veristream's Visiting Management System Enhances Security Solutions for Enterprises

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016

FREMONT, CA: The implementation of a Visiting Management System significantly reduces costs, improves security and generates valuable visitor data. Recently, it has been observed that Veristream, a company providing solutions in Electronic security systems provides technical and support for all enterprises pertaining to the solutions in the visitor management industry and this has made Veristream stand apart from its other counterparts. Lately, it is also reported that many vendors have begun to mandate product upgrades to receive support whereas Veristream still continues to include technical and customer support as part of their core offerings.

Many business enterprises, multitenant office complexes, healthcare facilities, law enforcement agencies and university campuses have known to benefit from Veristream’s security solutions and have helped them evaluate, plan and design their visitor and access management solutions. The professional security experts from Veristream have helped organizations to reduce threats and risks in their respective premises and also procure scalable security for one or more buildings in the premises. Enterprises are also able to draft full audit details and easily generate full reports and stay acquiescent with local and federal standards post implementation of Veristrams’s visitor management system.

The above enterprises have also been able to integrate Veristreams visitor management with their existing access control systems, helps them screen visitors in real-time and manage vendor contractor access. The deployment of multiple levels of access for visitors and employees ensures high level security and also keeps away intruders from entering the premises. Verstream follows a proven methodology concerning its visitor management system and works towards the minimizing of costs, reduction of errors. Also, dedicated services to propagate the ongoing operations and a change in the management of the already deployed iVisitor and iSiteAccess solutions are brought about with the visitor management system from Veristream. iVisitor offers cloud-based visitor management system solutions to clients ranging from small offices to large-scale enterprises and multi-tenant high rise buildings and iSiteAccess is a solution that provides a user-friendly, cost effective mechanism for  tracking employee site access requests, approvals and visits across multiple properties.