Verizon Unveils New Portal to Secure Large-Scale IoT infrastructure

By CIOReview | Friday, January 30, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Verizon launches a portal for secure authentication and data transmission between machines and devices in an IoT environment. Building on its Managed Certificate Services (MCS) platform for machine authentication, the company has launched its new bulk certificate portal with an aim to help organizations reduce the spending on securing their IoT infrastructure.

IoT has been the topping the charts when it comes to the discussion about the hottest technology trend or the next technology revolution. Against the backdrop of the craving for mobility-driven world, IoT implementation finds its relevance in almost every industry vertical including manufacturing, life sciences and healthcare. Gartner has already predicted that the number of IoT-based machines will reach to 25Bn by 2020.

To this end, Verizon has developed the new enterprise portal for its MCS platform. As the number of connected machines grows, this platform enables users to create digital certificates and manage capabilities. Communication is initiated only if the machine/device is authenticated for the trusted exchange of information resulting in secured data transmission between the connections.

The new portal for MCS features usage-based pricing that enables organizations with large IoT implementations to protect their networks in a comprehensively in a cost-effective manner.

Verizon MCS finds its application in: authentication and verification of applications; services; enterprise infrastructure such as online shopping applications and critical infrastructure such as smart grid deployments; E-government service delivery; medical devices; consumer electronics; supply chain tracking.