Vesti Launches CaptoMe to Address Biomedical Research Challenges

By CIOReview | Wednesday, December 30, 2015

BURLINGTON, MA: Vesti Intelligence, a provider of innovative technology platform with first-rate biomedical intelligence and management tools, has launched CaptoMe to benefit researchers and business professionals in pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Developed for Biomedical research, CaptoMe is a new web-based application that addresses three main challenges of modern research that are data deluge, data silos, and research cost. It delivers cumulative information from several databases, like PubMed, Clinical, the U.S. Patent registry, biomedical news and events to a single integrated workspace with access to standardized and integrated federated search of rich and customizable content.

Vesti’s CaptoMe is a widespread NextGen Research Discovery platform that lets researchers, biomedical professionals, and consultants to integrate biomedical content with a set of tools for information management and results reporting.“Using CaptoMe is like having a personal research assistant that helps one to stay focused on research while making your work consistently organized and up-to-date,” states Dr. Palaniyandi Manivasakam, Chief Scientific Officer at Vesti Intelligence.

The new platform advances productivity of biomedical research by delivering two prominent services to the users. The two offerings are rich biomedical content, which is powered by Vesti proprietary eL7 Noetic Processor with federated search across twenty plus databases for various metadata categories and the other one is unique information management.

Unique Information Management provides in-depth specific disease-ontology and related indexing, diversely selective tagging, filtering and sorting for identification, selection, and maintenance of findings, statistically sound dashboard with research progress summaries and graphs, and log and share capabilities for generating reports with references, saving & exporting them.

Moreover, the company is also planning to add some new features in CaptoMe, which includes allowing the selection of publication for full text purchasing, sharing users’ expertise with a selected team of CaptoMe users, and allowing the assignment of projects to other users at different levels of project completion.