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VictorOps' Automated Incident Management Solution Provides Remediation Measures to ServiceNow Users

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FREMONT, CA: VictorOps, a provider of real time incident management solutions, announces its integration with ServiceNow, the enterprise IT cloud services company, that enables ServiceNow users to automate incident management using VictorOps.

With VictorOps plugin for ServiceNow, a ticket can be created when a problem occurs within ServiceNow directly, which then triggers an escalation in VictorOps. The VictorOps platform thereafter captures every action of the remediation. The platform captures every action of the remediation, including important troubleshooting facts, and all pertinent information about the incident.

The features of the incident management solution include automated dialing and a sophisticated routing, whereby VictorOps allows ServiceNow users to more efficiently route alarms to teams that have the specific domain expertise to rectify the problem faced with. Moreover, with the bi-directional integration, team members are able to capture what happens in both VictorOps and ServiceNow, enabling them to reduce Mean-Time-to-Resolution (MTTR).

In addition, through the VictorOps integration, all updates and data are completed automatically to the status of the ServiceNow ticket along with the remediation data.

“ServiceNow works well for asynchronous ticket-based troubleshooting, but modern businesses and those embracing a DevOps culture require synchronicity to quickly remediate problems,” says Joni Klippert, Vice President, Product, VictorOps.

“The VictorOps turn-key integration with ServiceNow solves the pain of manual paging and escalation in the incident remediation process. Manually running down a call sheet is not something that today’s businesses can afford to do. Through VictorOps, this can be automated with little effort on the part of ServiceNow users,” adds Klippert.