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Virtual Instruments' Enhanced Analytics Solution for IPM

By CIOReview | Friday, April 22, 2016
John Gentry, CTO, Virtual Instruments

John Gentry, CTO, Virtual Instruments

SAN JOSE, CA: Virtual Instruments, a provider of analytics solutions for Infrastructure Performance Management (IPM) has announced an enhanced version of its Virtual Wisdom platform. The new improved platform will provide in depth workload visibility, allowing enterprises to transform data into actionable insights. The release of Virtual Wisdom 4.4 follows on the heels of the company’s recent announcement to merge with Load Dynamix, a storage performance analytics solutions provider. Virtual Wisdom4.4 is the first post-merger product enhancement that will enable its customers to address the imperative needs for proactive management, lower cost structures and accelerated decision-making capabilities. Virtual Wisdom4.4 features customer-driven analytics, embedded IPM best practices and customer-driven scalability.

One of the key highlights of this platformwide enhancement includes a Reporting Enhancements and Notifications feature wherein the industry best practices come embedded in pre-configured report templates. As this works in tandem with the scheduled reports, employees collaborating on a project throughout the enterprise receive context –relevant reports resulting in seamless teamwork and better decision-making capabilities. The New 4220 Platform Appliance is a monitoring solution designed to ingest, correlate and analyze data at a faster pace with unparalleled accuracy.


Another key feature is the option to export VirtualWisdom I/O workload metrics to the Load DynamiX Enterprise platform for workload analysis, modeling and load generation. The VM Deployment Advisor is another new feature that provides analytics capabilities to identify the optimal host and cluster, to deploy a VM that would maintain performance and balance in a production environment. Meanwhile the ServiceNow Integration feature allows for two-way integration and bi-directional synchronization as and when the cases are opened and closed while updates are made on either of the two systems.

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“Enterprises face continually shifting and evolving standards of performance, and VirtualWisdom4.4 represents a tipping point in the realization of truly proactive and predictive IPM,” says John Gentry, CTO for Virtual Instruments. Virtual Instruments’ solutions aim to change the dynamics of the existing relationship between a client and an enterprise IT solutions provider while de-risking the transformation of the client’s business-critical applications to extract better performance from their IT infrastructure.