Vivint Teams Up With Google to Power Solar Energy Installation

By CIOReview | Friday, August 28, 2015

LEHI, UT: The search engine giant Google has added another break-through technology to its wings through Project Sunroof,eco-friendly collaboration with Vivint Solar, provider of distributed solar energy systems. This will give Vivint Solar greater visibility and open new market opportunities worldwide.

The recent launch of Project Sunroof by Google will calculate the amount of sunlight a rooftop receives and helps owners  decide whetherto go for full solar power conversation or not. In short, it reflects on pocket friendly method to implement solar energy and how much can one save by doing so, including details like space required for solar panel installation, hours of sun light exposure a roof receives in a year and how much power bill could be cut with help of Google maps.

"Vivint Solar teaming up with Google is giving homeowners across the country immediate insight, information and access to rooftop solar power—that's good for everyone," says Greg Butterfield, CEO of Vivint Solar.

How it works

After typing in the right address, satellite image of home appears with roof colored in yellow or purple depending on amount of sunlight. Google then gauges weather data and produces 3D model of roof by analyzing temperature patterns, shadow from nearby building and trees. Finally it provides apt information on installation details such as size of solar panel required based on average electricity bill.