VMware NSX to Elevate IT Efficiency and Application Continuity of Exostar

By CIOReview | Thursday, October 1, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA:  VMware, a provider of cloud and virtualization services has declared that Exostar- a developer of identity access management, collaboration and supply chain management solution, has selected its NSX network virtualization platform to increase security and IT efficiency for its solutions and customers.

Exostar’s cloud-driven solutions capacitate organizations with maximum policy compliance, secure Internet Protocols, streamlined partner information sharing lifecycle and minimum innovation cost. By leveraging Exostar’s capabilities organizations can execute analytics to keep a track of business processes, eradicate sustainability, cyber security and financial risks within supply chain and adorn efficiencies across all phases of their value chain. Companies like BAE Systems, Boeing, Raytheon and Rolls-Royce take advantage of Exostar’s solutions to organize their supply chain process.

VMware NSX platform is an operational model of a virtual machine for Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). It enables organizations to create and provision any network topology within matter of seconds. The key benefits of NSX includes reduced network provisioning time, automated operational efficiency, integrated third-party network and security solutions via RESTful APIs and hassle free movement of workloads independent of physical topology. Additionally, organizations can deploy hypervisors on any preferred cloud management platform and they can create isolated virtual networks by using logical networking elements and services, such as logical switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VPN and workload security.

VMware NSX features Logical Switching for L2 and L3 switching functionality, L2 gateway for seamless connection to physical workloads, Logical Routing for different virtual networks, Logical Firewall, Distributed firewall for kernel enables line rate performance and Logical Load Balancer with SSL termination. It also consists Remote Access VPN in software and bolsters hardware sharing across tenants.

By leveraging VMware NSX for its hybrid cloud, Exostar has built multiple software defined data centers in the U.S. architecture with a heterogeneous mix of Cisco and Juniper Networks networking and security hardware. The solution has enabled Exostar to decrease the time it takes to bring up new services and to simplify its network architecture without sacrificing performance or security as well as improves network management and troubleshooting.

“We have been able to improve the overall visibility into our infrastructure, streamline processes, and reduce expenses by moving to software-defined infrastructure for networking and security services,” says Raj Dasgupta, Director of IT at Exostar.

With VMware NSX and micro-segmentation, Exostar can isolate and segment different tenants within the same cloud infrastructure. Micro-segmentation keeps any potential attacking agents from moving east to west between VMs and accessing unauthorized applications or information.