VMware Unveils New Cloud, Virtualization Solution for CSPs
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VMware Unveils New Cloud, Virtualization Solution for CSPs

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 4, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Virtualization is the common denominator for businesses and organizations at the Mobile World Congress 2015. Along the same lines, VMware has announced its new virtualization technology offering designed for communication service providers (carriers). The new vCloud for NFV is an integrated Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform coupled with the capabilities of OpenStack enabling carriers to open new frontiers in services and conquer operational challenges.

The carriers face challenges in generating greater values due to rigid and expensive communications infrastructure. Delivering new services takes significant amount of resources encompassing investments, equipment, workforce, and time. The technology developments around cloud and open source networking make a perfect business use case for the carriers.

The vCloud for NFV for carriers brings together virtual network functions (VNFs) from more than 30 vendors working together harmoniously on the VMware’s Unified Platform. This platform empowers carriers with one consistent environment across the public and private cloud to deploy, run, and manage applications and services.

Features of the VMware vCloud NFV Platform include: VMware vSphere – the server virtualization platform; VMware NSX – the network virtualization platform covering all the layers in the networking as well as security model; Virtual SAN – the software-defined storage ensuring reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs; vRealize Operations – a cloud management solution. This comprehensive suite of cloud solutions cater to the unique requirements of the carriers.

Carriers Opening up to OpenStack     

This new integrated cloud-virtualization offering for carriers from VMware also includes the opensource cloud, OpenStack. Carriers can leverage VMware’s OpenStack distribution to accelerate their service innovation and bring down the costs incurred.