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VoiceBase's Speech Analytics Powered by Solace

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 28, 2016
Walter Bachtiger, CEO and Founder, VoiceBase

Walter Bachtiger, CEO and Founder, VoiceBase

OTTAWA, ON: Voice Base, a speech API provider has recently deployed messaging technology of Solace Systems to enhance the capabilities of its platform that manages enormous quantity of voice, video, and text data. Solace message routers function as the event-based orchestration backbone to VoiceBase for processing huge volumes of audio and video content into conducting predictive analytics, cluster transcribes, indexes, redacts, and summaries. VoiceBase has built an innovative platform based on Solace solution to offer highly sophisticated speech analytics services.

“Every industry that creates and manages massive amounts of audio or video recordings can benefit from our solution, and it is up to us to provide them with innovative tools to increase the value of their spoken information,” says Walter Bachtiger, CEO and Founder, VoiceBase.

VoiceBase provides a broad range of speech analytics through an easy-to-implement API integration. The platform allows its users such as contact centers and teleconferencing companies, to capture, store, and leverage large amount of audio and video recordings and data. Customers are able to utilize this process on demand, without incurring expenses on creating and maintaining separate systems for archival and processing through the API provided by VoiceBase.

VoiceBase has chosen Solace considering its capability to route large volume of messages within a second. This ability of Solace will assist VoiceBase in keeping its datacenter footprints small along with reducing the operating costs. Previously VoiceBase used Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) for workflow orchestration but faced multiple operational challenges due to the ever-increasing data amount. Before deploying Solace solution the company also evaluated various other software-based Java Message Service (JMS) options that were perceived to be complicated and costly.